A former boss of mine used to say, “Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” This reflects what I’ve heard from every professional artist on YouTube: draw every day.

I struggle from time to time… depression, I guess you’d call it, though I hesitate to, since I have friends who really fight depression and other illnesses all the time. Anyway, I neglected the whole “draw every day” thing for several days, and my already-mediocre skills deteriorated to a truly embarrassing point.

Funny thing is, the number one best way for me to feel better is to draw, so why is that the first thing to go? The brain is a weird thing, innit? But I’m back on the horse, and riding toward less sucky drawing.

In any case, a couple of really cool things happened with the webcomic over the last week: I got my first click on the “Donate” button (to the right of the page, hint, hint), and someone I’m not FaceBook friends with clicked the “Like” button on Guitar Girl’s FaceBook page! These may not sound like big deals, but I’m counting them as milestones.

I am excited about the subject matter for next week’s cartoon, and I promise you’ll either like it or hate me for it. Anyone who’s seen my personal FaceBook page or Twitter stream knows that I’m OK with either response.

I’ll leave you with some “Guitar Girl” drawings from one of my sketchbooks:

First, a two-panel quickie about “Political Correctness”…

PC #1

PC #2



…and one where she’s modeling the “TEH” shirt from “Questionable Content.”