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This has been a interesting week for Guitar Girl. First, Guitar Girl #5 got a wider positive response than any other post to date. Not bad for something I was certain I couldn’t get done in time, huh? Second, when Alabama Governor Robert “Jim Crow” Bentley became the first in a clown-car full of Republican governors to sign executive orders and/or make public statements banning Syrian refugees from their state, (and DO NOT GET ME STARTED on the sudden false concern over homeless vets) I demonstrated my inability to keep my mouth shut.


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley thinks this is a terrorist cell. 

Never mind that Bentley can’t legally do this. He was responding in his typical reanimated-corpse fashion to the attacks in Paris. Never mind that no refugees or Syrians were involved in the attack. Like I say, it was typical Cadaver Bob. Fast-forward mere hours, and Ben “Can’t Dress Or Feed Himself” Carson is calling Syrian refugees “rabid dogs,” and Donald “My Arms Are Too Short to Masturbate” Trump is calling for a database of Muslims. Aaaaand Jeb “My Brother Is The Smart One” Bush only wants to let in the Christian Syrian refugees.

So in between writing a sermon (try to be theologically minded when you’re cross-eyed angry at stupid politicians, just try), I whipped out Guitar Girl #6.

Yay, I’m early, right? Finally, I can achieve my original goal of having a bed of comics pre-done so I’m not caught short.

Except that this is America. Any normal society would still be fighting the violence and bigotry being visited upon the innocent Syrians who are fleeing Daesh. But it only takes a few news cycles for Trump supporters to beat a black man in Birmingham, Alabama, and for Trump to follow it up by mocking a disabled man.

Fascist Trump

I’m not a fan of Donald “If I wasn’t Famous I’d Be An Episode Of CSI” Trump.

So I posted Guitar Girl #6 early, as a go-to guide against those who insist that terrorists are just itching to infiltrate America through the paltry number of Syrian refugees who may actually make it to the United States.

Look, I want “Guitar Girl” to be fun. I want it to be funny. But I cannot – will not – ignore the medium’s ability to shine a light on injustice.

We’re still in the building-up stage of the series. Only after about six months’ worth of content will “Guitar Girl” begin to attract a wider audience. That gives me about a dozen strips to lay the groundwork of base characters, location, and develop the basics of the “Guitar Girl” universe… not to mention learning to suck less at drawing in general. There are story arcs that will soon take “Guitar Girl” beyond the single-gag strip. If you’re reading this around the original publication date, or you’re one of the 145 people to date who have liked the FaceBook page, thank you for giving me a portion of your time and attention to learn the craft, to rant, and to have fun.

you can1

(An early version of Katie)

And yes, there will be a brand-new Guitar Girl next Friday!