OK, I’m not going to talk about world domination. I mean, I’m planning it, sure, but if I talked about it, well, that’d spoil the surprise, right?

I cut my cartooning teeth, such as they are, on doing caricatures. I used to do an annual cartoon for whoever was heading up Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital; when I was with The King’s Ranch, I did an entire coloring book featuring then-director Tom Owen. Throw in doing caricature-on-the-fly at a birthday party or two, and if you count political cartooning, I’ve done a LOT of caricatures. (You can see quite the selection at my personal website, JHarrisonCartoons.com)

I’m really proud of some I’ve done recently, and this tenth Off-Week Update is a great time to show off some of the stuff I do that isn’t “Guitar Girl.” (Some of “Guitar Girl’s” characters are inspired by real people, while not at all being caricatures of them.)

Full disclosure: these first two weren’t commissioned. I’ve been contacted by a lot of people who want me to do free work, and like everyone does when they start out, I was lured by the promise of “exposure” and did some free work… for which I got very little (read: NO) real exposure. So, pretty quickly, I developed a policy: Some folks, who I’ve known for years and/or who I respect deeply, get free stuff when they ask. And sometimes I see a picture or get an idea that begs to be done, and I’ll ask permission, then do it for the giggles or for the practice or just because I can. For anyone else, my prices are ridiculously reasonable. You can contact me via FaceBook or Twitter for details.

I’ve known Katie Johnston forever, and if you haven’t checked out her website, well, now would be an excellent time to do so. I’ve wanted to create a “personal logo” style for awhile, and Katie was my victim – er, subject.


Next up, certified Australian superhero Jamie Wilson. Because Jamie Wilson.



Immediately following Jamie’s cartoon, I got a commission! There was loud celebrating, and a fatted calf was killed. Jacque Ramey has a favorite profile pic that she wanted made into a cartoon, and I was only too happy to oblige.


I’m in the process of doing another commission now, but be sure and drop me a FaceBook or Twitter message if you’re interested in having a caricature of your very own.

Now, back to drawing the next installment of “Guitar Girl!”