I got in a little over my head with the next Guitar Girl comic, I think. There’s gonna be some politicians in the first frame – caricatures, of course. Just fast-and dirty, I thought. Quickies.

I can’t do ANYTHING quickly.

I’ll share two of the three here (Cruz is next). Later on, just for giggles, I’ll do Hillary and Bernie.

First, the guy who assured us that his genitalia is adequate. During a debate. On national television.


If THAT doesn’t cause nightmares, I don’t know what will. Better nightmares than a Trump presidency.

Next is Marco Rubio, who’s been justifiably accused of being.. well…


I kind of feel bad for Ted Cruz. He’s apparently despised by his fellow politicians, he’s continually mocked by Drumf… and then the whole gross I-can’t-even-repeat-what-happened during the last debate. Seriously, I can’t. I don’t tolerate vomit or boogers or anything like that very well.

He just seems like someone who should be an assistant clerk in the tax office of a minor municipality in northern Florida. The guy who knows enough about IT to get the printer to work. Socially awkward, but unaware of it.

That won’t stop me from drawing him.

There’s always more to say, of course. I have a rant brewing about Andy Stanley saying people who go to small churches aren’t good Christians… but that’ll probably end up just on my FaceBook page.

For now, just remember to find something you love to do and do it every day.