Hi kids! I’m angry, so this Off-Week Update is a rant. Yeah, it’s about a flyover state in a country you may not live in, but I promise, I’ll quickly tie it in to national politics. After all, we’re all subject to suffer from corporate greed, governmental corruption, and the habit the rich and powerful have of doing all they can to keep the poor underfoot.

(CW: I say a cuss word below, but I’ll link to why it’s a philosophical term and not mere foul language)

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley recently signed a bill (sponsored by a rich white Mountain Brook lawyer, David Faulkner) which blocked a City Council resolution which would have raised the minimum wage in Birmingham to $10.10 per hour. Disappointing, yes, but par for the course. Rich white men, who have never had to choose between feeding their kids or paying the light bill, have been deciding what’s best for Alabama’s poor forever.

That’s why nearly one in five Alabamians live in poverty. That’s why Alabama is simultaneously the sixth poorest state in the U.S. and the fourth most corrupt.

But wait, there’s more!
Bentley, who I not-at-all-lovingly call “Cadaver Bob” because, let’s be honest, the guy looks and often acts like a desiccated corpse, piled insult upon injury by giving four members of his cabinet a whopping $73,405 per year raise! Another got a raise of only $64,008, but it was the Medicaid commissioner, and Bentley hates Medicaid, so…

 When a cartoonist gets mad, he/she draws a cartoon.
If you’re ever curious as to why Alabama, a lovely state full of amazing people, persists in being the punchline to every redneck joke ever written, see above. We keep electing greedy old white men, either hoping that maybe this time they’ll do the right thing for us, or believing their bullshit about protecting us from immigrants and liberals.

Which brings us to national politics.
If you’re reading this, I assume you aren’t a supporter of Donald Trump (because, after all, you can read). Do you wonder how a narcissistic fascist with a chinchilla for a toupee could be the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination?
It’s because America has bought into the bullshit about Mexicans coming for our jobs (and coming to steal from us and rape our wimmins and dear GOD who knows what else). America swallowed W’s bullshit about needing to pass laws restricting our freedoms in order to protect us. We jumped into war in Afghanistan and Iraq because SOMEONE HAS TO PAY, even if Saudi Arabia had more to do with the 9/11 attacks than Iraq did.

(Someone remind me: how many years did it take to find Osama bin Ladin, the “mastermind” who lived in caves and had bad kidneys?)

We, as a nation, keep buying the bullshit that the billionaires, mass media, and politicians sell us. Hell, we glorify bullshit. We worship bullshit. Why else does anyone care what the Kardashians or Real Housewives are doing, ever? Why does anyone watch Fox “News,” even knowing that the channel thrives on lies?

And while you’re laughing about moving to Canada if Trump wins in November, don’t forget that millions of us are too poor to consider emigration. Believe me, the last “Guitar Girl” was biographical. But I’m here, and I’ll be damned if a bunch of stupid rich old men doing stupid rich old white man things will run me off.

I think we can do better. I think we have to do better.