One of the ways to support hurricane victims is through direct support. DiDi Delgado and Dr. Roni Dean-Burren are sharing a curated list of black women who have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Something we didn’t even think of is the fact that many displaced families have babies, and babies need diapers! Thankfully, the Texas Diaper Bank is on duty and accepting donations to provide nappies!

Crowdfunding website Global Giving is raising funds – as of this posting, they’re almost halfway to their five million dollar goal!

You can also give through the Salvation Army of Houston. 

We plan on expanding this list over the coming weeks and months, so feel free to bookmark the page and come back. Remember, long after the flood waters recede, there will be a need for support. Disasters the size of Hurricane Harvey last years.

In the words of Anne Frank, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”